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Authentic Footballers Review

There is a simple promise made to you at Authentic Footballers: this is the place to come to see real soccer players, from real teams stripping and jacking off. That’s it. Well actually, there is some more to it than that, let me explain:

When I viewed the site there were 118 players in the team, that’s 118 hot, dark, Latino and South American, real soccer stars who are willing to get their kit off. There’s no acting, no make-believe or porn models posing and pretending to be football players, just real sportsmen. The guy of the week when I was enjoying the site was Agustin, 23 from Uruguay. He, like many of the guys in the site, is straight and he comes complete with a little biography and a good face pic. Scrolling down the long page you see the other guys who appear on the site. They too are mostly young and all come with a bit of background. In terms of honesty and information you can’t fault Authentic Footballers.

I selected Pablo (22) at random to see how the site would treat me in terms of content and viewing options. I came to his individual page where I found a large naked image of him so there is no hanging about – we get straight to the cock shot. We also get straight to the rest of the information we want to know. Under his introduction is a list of what he appears in, videos and/or pictures. This is fairly standard information but the site then goes further and tells you what type of videos an pictures; in this case he appears playing football, being interviewed, getting naked, masturbating and then showering. Pablo also appears in a few bonus scenes too, including another jerk vid and a pissing one.

As for viewing the videos, you will need to keep your login details handy as the movies require them to be entered before you get the licence to view. Once you have done this you’ll be rewarded with a good quality Windows Media Player movie that plays at 640 x 480 @ 1026 kbps. If you want to download the movie simply right click and ‘save target as’ on the red ‘tick’ on the guy’s content list. You’ll see what I mean and it’s really easy to do.

As for images, the galleries open into thumbnail pages, again very simply designed with a black background and all the pictures appear on one page. Click an image to open it to full size, 1080 x 770, where you also have navigation buttons so you can leap from one full sized pic to the next. The only thing that bugged me about the images, well about the whole site really was that in some cases the Authentic Footballers name/logo was watermarked into the picture; that’s o.k. as webmasters want to protect their content but sometimes the words were right across the guy’s cock or the best bit of the photo. Put the logo down in the corner, not over a cute footballer’s balls!

Having said that the images, like the videos, were good quality and great to view.

The thing that Authentic Footballers does well is to know its niche. Like I said it makes the simple promise of real footballers getting naked and jacking off and that’s exactly what you get. It’s a simple site to use and the content is great quality. The guys are hot, of course, but you get more than the simple jack off scenes. You also get to see these real footballers playing football, showering and working out; you discover what teams they are in and sometimes you even get two players stripping and jerking off together so, all in all, you get to see exactly the things that Authentic Footballers really do.